Have you ever imagined a possible scenario where you’re almost set for your wedding and boom, your button falls off? Are you crafty enough to fix it before the event kicks off? Or maybe, you got a new pairs of jeans or trousers, and it seems not-so-fitted. Are you going to discard it? We say no! The chances are that your male friends standing close to you cannot help out; what’s the next thing? This is one of the cases where we come in handy.

Just a needle and thread can save you a whole lot; embarrassment, unmatched dressing among others. You‘re accountable for what you wear, and if you don’t get the right one to alter your dress, the aim of the whole clothing design might be defeated. Having a little sewing kit is one thing, and another getting the right one to do the alteration. We have long ago, dedicated our craft to creating handmade wedding clothing, and making wedding events successful, and we always stand by you.

B X Tailor will provide you with a comprehensive guide to clothing alteration, and help you achieve it. Our tailoring experts know that this is a great challenge to many men. To help out and make you overcome any dressing hitch on your wedding day, we offer you unmatched clothing alteration that leaves you looking unaltered. You deserve to look great; it’s your day. Together, we can make it count, all for you, your bride and happy family.


Our mission is to ultimately change your life by improving the way you look.