We modify your dresses in a way that it gives our clients a better experience of wearing.


Ever found your dream clothing but it didn’t fit you perfectly? You’re not alone. Often, when you say yes to a dress, shirt or jean, you need some alterations before you rock it. Your wedding wears are not excluded; you might look too unusual if you didn’t do some alterations on your wedding cloth.

B X Tailor offers groom and bridal alteration service to make what you wear fit you on your big day. Without a doubt, brides often experience an increase in weight closer to their wedding dates, and this calls for alteration. We have some secret styling tricks and ideas up our sleeves, and we implement these to make you look more ‘pulled together.’ Tieing the knot is a joyous and lovely thing and deserves that you appear in your best style. Alter your wedding dress to fit you; then you’ll appreciate and feel the difference.

We don’t just alter your clothes to make you look fitted only on your wedding day; we got your back even on casual days. Our tailoring and alteration experts alter both formal and informal clothes. Your jeans, shirts, trousers and more will look better on you. Let’s do the magic!